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Dyconia Resort Hotel

The Dyconia Resort Hotel has been our client for many years. While we have added improvements to the site every spring, this year we gave it a major overhaul to make the website mobile friendly. Pinpoint Media Design applied Resonsive Website Design to create a modernized version of the site that is suitable for display in smartphones, tablets and desktops.

The Dyconia Resort Hotel

Using Site.DFiner, our proprietary content management system, we created the responsive style sheets using CC3 media queries to make the site truly mobile friendly and easy to use across all devices. Further, we are helping Dyconia Resort Hotel with some online marketing to help increase the website's visibility among the younger, party-loving crowd. The Dyconia Resort Hotel is one of the sought-after party places for Wasaga Beach After Prom Parties.

Applying responsive web design to a website, helps with organic SEO as it naturally increases the user experience and the site structure.

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