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Social Media Consulting

Did you know? If Facebook alone were a nation, it would be the 4th most populated nation on Earth. That’s larger than the population of Canada!

The internet has grown from surfing to searching to socializing.  Social Media is everywhere: Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIN... and social networking is now a predominant way the 21st century communicates.

What Does Social Networking Mean For Your Business?

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your website or business through social media channels.  It is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and potentially large amounts of traffic which can translate into increased sales.

Since successful businesses are based on relationships with customers, social media allows you to create and sustain these relationships online.  It also allows potential customers to search for reviews about your products or services.  Imagine when they find positive reviews from other satisfied customers - could that make an impact on your business?

Social media marketing can:

  • build an online reputation by generating goodwill for your company and brand
  • provide customer feedback
  • increase your network of customers
  • offer lead generation
  • allow you to target and get the attention of the right customers rather than talking to a broad audience
  • build up interest in your products, services and business using contests, videos, pictures, and blogs
  • offer low cost promotion/marketing which saves time and money over placing costly advertisements in newspapers and other media
  • show an increase in traffic to your website

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We can help you set up and maximize a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Blog, etc.  Ask an expert about how you can add Social Media to your marketing strategy and build a personality to your products & services.