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Have You Received A Letter Regarding Your Domain Name?

Today I got one of those again. You know what I am talking about: One of those letters that look awfully official, in a brown envelope with address window and a stylish red maple leaf across its front.

You rip it open, very excited, thinking it's your income tax refund but what you find is kind of disappointingly unsexy, at least much unsexier than that cheque would have been: Your domain name is about to expiry, so they state, and you are in danger of losing your beloved domain name forever if you don't pay attached registration fee immediately by phone or credit card.

Well, coming along so official-looking, it must be serious. Something like the Canadian Domain Name Police that watches with prying eyes over your very domain names and calling in the fees for doing so.

Of course this whole thing is total bologna. Look at the letter a second time and read the fineprint: The letter is just an unsolicited piece of junk mail with the offer to switch the registration of your domain name to their "reputable" company for a fee that is at least twice as high as with other domain name registration services.

And the amazing thing about this: It works for them. An astonishing large amount of people have been tricked by the official look of the letter and thought this is something they have to do. Even some of our treasured clients have fallen for this trick and sent payment to them. In some instances we have assisted clients to get their money back after they called the bluff and did not want to go ahead with the transfer. It is difficult but there seems to be the policy on the other end that you will be refunded if you raise enough hell. After all, letting a few go seems to be cheaper for them than the legal gun fights with outraged business owners.

I am really disgusted by this company. How can you base your entire business model on deceit and a dirty trick and feel proud of your yourself? Googling their name brings up pages after pages of bad Internet reputation, mad people posting in forums and warnings from Industry Canada. Obviously nobody seems to have a recipe on how to stop these guys. Oh well, they are hiding behind and banking on the fact that many people only skim their mail and not actually read it. 

If you find such an envelope in your mail, just throw it out. If in doubt, call us at Pinpoint Media Design and we will be happy to assist you in finding out if the offer you have received is legitimate. Never authorize anything to be done to your domain name without thinking and reading twice.

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