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Cyber Attack on Spamhaus

Wilder than the West

I am flabbergasted by the news that has been on all channels today: A large group of cyber criminals has staged the biggest Denial of Service (DoS) attack against a single company that the world has seen so far. What does this mean for you and me? Do we need to care? Should we?

It means that the Internet is lawless, ruthless and that you are on your own. Pretty much like in the old Wild West. The next sheriff is far away and lawless gangs bully those who take a stand. Now, what happened that lead to this confrontation? Spamhaus is a company that operates blacklists of IP addresses from which spam messages are being sent out. Internet service providers can buy into these blacklists and use them to filter their Internet traffic for spam. So far so good.

Somehow Spamhaus dared to annoy those organized networks of spammers and cyber criminals. They took matters in their own hands and organized an DoS attack on the company to bring down their services, by activating so called bot networks of highjacked, innocent computers. These networks fired off requests at the Spamhouse network and due to sheer overload, brought it down. As a matter of fact, experts said that the ripple effect was so big, that the entire Internet's performance was limited during these attacks.

I guess we are at these people's mercy: Commercial spam is ruled criminal in many countries. However you look at it, most of us find it is very annoying. Being a service provider myself, I have come to experience first hand, what it takes to fight the flood of spam and other unruly Internet behaviour, we are constantly exposed to. In real life you can call the police when you are threatened or harrassed. But can you on the Internet? The clear answer is no. The criminals have taken over and bullies reign supreme. They dictate what goes, not government or self-governing bodies. I wonder how long it will take until the International community reacts and puts measures in place to stop such damaging behaviour. It is simply unacceptable that individuals or individual companies are being singled out and threatened in their very existance by those who have decided to use the Internet for their unlawful activities.

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