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Content Marketing for your Website: The New SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

And Google speaks: "Content rules!"

As a matter of fact, Google has always said that content rules but now people have started to listen better and want to find out what the latest buzz term "Content Marketing" stands for. Many of us who search engine optimize websites for a living at times conveniently forgot that websites ought to be made for humans and not for search engine robots. Sure, optimizing your site for search engines and ranking high for your keywords in the search engines is important but you can easily lose sight of the people that are behind the searches and that they deserve to receive an inspiring, satisfying website experience.

Make Your Website Rank For What It Offers

The most important thing is to be found for exactly what you sell on your website. Clicks are not important, leads are. If you are selling "cats" but you are found under "dogs", you won't be creating a lot of qualified leads. Sounds logical. Then why is it so difficult? You have experienced it yourself: You are somewhat disgruntled when you get to a website that does not offer what it ranked for on the search engines.

And here comes Google into play, and with the Queen of Search trot along the other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing: In order to keep or gain market share in their highly competitive field, they have to come up with relevant search results or they lose out to their competition. This means, they do everything in their power to weed out the bad apples.

Search Engines Favour Relevant Content (Go figure!)

How do they do that? We are back full circle: Content rules. Search engines have to grasp what your website is all about. They can only do that when they have content to go by that they can put in a context. The more the better. Forget about the olden times where you were asked to stuff comma separated keywords into your website's meta tags and then again into the footer of your website. Nowadays, search engines want to see effort. If you go the extra mile and put effort into your website to create it and keep it accessible and full of relevant content, you deserve to be ranked higher than your competitor who goes after the same keywords but has done a sloppy job, doesn't keep the website up-to-date and doesn't care much about the content on their website.

Website Marketing: Update Your Website Regularly

Here is my clear and free advice, and I have the data and the experience to back up my claims: If you want to get serious about your website marketing and your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts, you have to embrace the fact that you will have to create and supply your website with regularly updated, properly researched and well produced content. If you go that route, you will outperform many of your competitors. Success usually does not come without effort, though.

What does it take to produce a website of substance, create good content and market it to your prospects?

Maintain a clean, well-built, accessible website with well-structured content. Produce and update content regularly. Blogs are a buzz word, but creating relevant content on a regular basis is just that, blogging, regardless whether you call it that or not. Blog all you want: It is good and helpful. Blog close to what your website is about and update your website regularly. Get professional help if necessary: It's funny but most people get their teeth fixed by a dentist but when it comes to their livelihood like marketing their product and services to their clients, they sit at home at night, after hours, and fall asleep while they are trying to create the next Pulitzer Price worthy website blog post. Needless to say: The update never comes. Trust professional writers and online marketing experts with your website content as they might know a thing or two about it. If you are professional, get professionals to help you out where you can't do it yourself. This accounts for everything by the way, not just websites.

Your Social Media Profiles Should Support Your Main Website

Maintain other, secondary web presences that are geared towards one thing and one thing only: Drive traffic back to your website: Your website should always be the hub, the centre of your own little universe, of everything you do, say and offer online. Not only does this create relevant backlinks to your own website, it also drives visitors to where all your well maintained and frequently updated content resides: On your main website. Secondary web presences are social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and other pages that offer profiles with links to your websites, such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Tripadvisor etc. Make sure that you manage your online reputation diligently as it is easy to not pay attention to negative comments or actions by visitors to your secondary profiles. If you do get a negative comment, don't rant and block the messenger: Try to take it as advisement and work towards an improvement of whatever what it was that went wrong.

Facilitate Email Newsletter Services Such As Constant Contact

Use email newsletters such as excellent Constant Contact to keep in regular touch with your followers. It is difficult to win over people that are interested in what you have to say and offer. Cherish the ones that you have and provide them with meaningful quality content. Again: It's the same here: Content rules.

Quality Content Attracts Followers

You will see: Once you start creating and marketing your quality content, you will attract followers: People will link to your relevant articles from their own websites. They will send you questions and inquire about things you have said and posted about. Most importantly: They will respect you as an authority in your field of expertise as they recognize the effort and research that went into the creation of your website content.

Happy Content Marketing!

And before you even know: You will rank well on many of your main keywords because the search engines too have figured out that you are a good gal or guy with valuable, honest offerings that deserves to be promoted. And that is what you wanted in the first place. Happy content marketing!