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SEO: Website Analytics: Bounce Rate

What does “Bounce Rate” mean and what can it teach us about the user experience on our websites?

When talking to the more web-savy breed of website owners, I often hear comments like these ones: “My bounce rate dropped by 10%” or “I am proud because my bounce rate is under 50%” or “My website sucks because my bounce rate is at 65%”. Read on

Grow Your Newsletter Email List in Constant Contact

How to Collect Email Addresses for Your Newsletter Campaign

Okay, you have signed up for your Constant Contact Email Marketing software, and you are eager to go and send out your first newsletter. Now you are realizing: Hey, how do I get my customers and prospects to sign up for my mailing list? Read on

Newly Developed Site.DFiner Listings Plug-in for Real Estate Websites

Data Distribution Facility or DDF® was created by CREA® (Canadian Real Estate Association) to allow its members to easily display MLS® (Multiple Listings Service) listings to their websites and ensure that the content displayed is always accurate and up to date and is compliant with all trademarks and branding. Members of CREA® can register to receive this data feed for their National Shared Pool and Member websites. Once registered, members need to set up their site to receive the data feed.

The trademark DDF® is owned by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA®) and identifies CREA®’s Data Distribution Facility (DDF®)

Read on

Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a contemporary, modern approach to website design by planning for and creating an optimized user experience across a wide range of devices, for instance smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. Read on

Search Engine Optimization: Is it worth looking at Bing and Yahoo?

"Google says this", "Google thinks that".. Everybody is talking about Google as if Google was an ancient god, put in Place by Zeus to watch over the all Internet searches. The Palo Alto Internet giant has made it into sevaral of this World's languages: "to google" is an official verb. Even if you use Yahoo for your searches, you are by popular definition still "googling" for results. To many people, Google is like a trusted but feared father figure, gently but forcefully deciding over your business by sending traffic to your website - or not. So I got sidetracked tonight from what I actually wanted to do, which was.. I forgot.. Instead a question popped up in my head. The answer may not come as a surprise to anybody, including myself, but I longed for re-affirmation anyway: Read on

Content Marketing for your Website: The New SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

And Google speaks: "Content rules!"

As a matter of fact, Google has always said that content rules but now people have started to listen better and want to find out what the latest buzz term "Content Marketing" stands for. Many of us who search engine optimize websites for a living at times conveniently forgot that websites ought to be made for humans and not for search engine robots. Sure, optimizing your site for search engines and ranking high for your keywords in the search engines is important but you can easily lose sight of the people that are behind the searches and that they deserve to receive an inspiring, satisfying website experience. Read on

2013 Professional Service Business Award

Pinpoint Media Design Receives Prestigious Award At Chamber Gala

I am stoked! No other words to say this. The Pinpoint Media Design team Lynda, Michele and I attended the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Night, knowing that we had been nominated for awards in two categories: Business of the Year and Professional Service Business of the Year. However, having been to many Chamber of Commerce Award Galas before and having been nominated before a couple of times, I did not have any expectations. Needless to say, when our name did come up, I was excited, grateful and very proud. Read on

The Basics of Social Marketing For Start-Up Business Owners

Five things to do right from the get-go that don't cost you a dime.

Let’s face it: Social Marketing wasn’t invented by Facebook or Twitter. It has been around for as long as humankind has been engaged in the exchange of goods and services. While the Internet has added a new edge to it and called it Social Media Marketing, the same basic rules still apply when you are out there all by yourself with your splendid new business idea, trying to hit the road, running. Read on

Thank You Collingwood

Henning and I would like to say thank you to everyone that came out to our Business After 5 tonight, co-hosted and held at Royal LePage Trinity Realty in Collingwood. Read on

Wordpress Sites Under Attack

Most of you have likely heard about Wordpress before. Wordpress is an open source content management system that started its path to success by becoming very popular among bloggers. Over the years, Wordpress has turned into one of the most frequently downloaded and installed web application on the Internet. With this popularity came a host of security issues: Due to the fact that Wordpress is so wide-spread and installed by the millions, it has turned into a prime target for hackers and also a solid security concern for hosting companies all over the world. Read on

2013 Wasaga Beach Business Show

Fun was had by all at the 2013 Wasaga Beach Business Show. The totally normal craze. We at Pinpoint Media Design teamed up with balloon artist and entertainer Roxann Campbell of and the result were traffic jams and backlogs in the aisle in front of our booth: Kids, big and small, lined up to get one of Roxann's highly sought-after creations. Read on

Have You Received A Letter Regarding Your Domain Name?

Today I got one of those again. You know what I am talking about: One of those letters that look awfully official, in a brown envelope with address window and a stylish red maple leaf across its front. Read on

Cyber Attack on Spamhaus

Wilder than the West

I am flabbergasted by the news that has been on all channels today: A large group of cyber criminals has staged the biggest Denial of Service (DoS) attack against a single company that the world has seen so far. What does this mean for you and me? Do we need to care? Should we? Read on